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Professional corporate rental management services you can trust.

Are you tired of dealing with late rent & bad tenants?

Do you want to find a way to reduce damage to your rental 

Want to turn your low occupancy rate and high turnover around?

HRE Stays is the answer.

No more headaches

We offer full-service, professional corporate rental management services that take the headache out of 


We're a corporate rental management company that knows how you feel. We manage everything for your 
short-term rental, so you don't have to worry.

We streamline your operations, keep your units rented, and help avoid unwanted, bad tenants.

Our team handles it all:


  • Direct communication with guests from check-in to check-out

  • Pre-screen guests

  • We address minor maintenance issues

  • Professional cleaning between our guests to keep the unit in excellent shape

  • 24/7 monitoring of our guests


It's time you said goodbye to bad tenants, constant repairs after moveout, and low occupancy for your 
properties, thanks to the pros at HRE Stays.


We transform the landlord/tenant relationship.

At HRE Stays, we pride ourselves on creating long-term landlord/tenant relationships with all of our 
clients. We keep every unit clean and in pristine condition so that every traveler is comfortable and the 
landlord happy. Our corporate rental management solutions go above and beyond to help your business 


Over time as we build a working relationship, we aim to expand the units we rent from you to reduce your
vacancy rate and increase offerings for our travelers. We're transforming the landlord/tenant relationship
at HRE Stays through innovative, full-service corporate rental management services.

We're a short-term management company invested in your success from the start.

Discover the difference HRE Stays can make in your business today

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